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The indelible ash sludge formed as a result of subsequent filter auto-regeneration processes (or lack thereof) can constitute 50% of the blocking material already at 50,000 miles of use. At 250,000 miles it will constitute 80% until the diesel particulate filter is completely blocked, preventing the engine from running.

Dirt formation and DPF blocking

Dirt formation and DPF blocking

Our Solution! DPFC-500 cleaning procedure

Chemical phase

Chemical phase

Removing the DPF / FAP filter from the vehicle and filling it for 20-30 minutes with the DPF Pro Cleaner agent included in the kit

Cleaning phase

Cleaning phase

Cleaning the DPF / FAP filter using compressed air and water. Repeat if necessary.

Controling phase

Controling phase

After regenerating the DPF / FAP filter – apply the differential pressure control filter using the DPFC-500 device

In the initial regeneration phase (chemical phase), the DPF filter must be filled with the cleaning agent to soften the ash deposits, and then emptied and connected to the DPFC-500 using a universal adapter. After carefully securing it to the work table, the compressed air from the internal tank (filled with an external pressure source) passes through the filter, thus flushing out the impurities. Soot and cleaning agent residues pass through the machine to the outer tank to ease disposal. Thanks to the automatic mode, the entire procedure can be performed without the operator intervening. In the event of heavy pollution, the procedure can be repeated or an additional rinse carried out with water using the included high-pressure water pump

Hydrodynamic DPF / FAP regeneration

Hydrodynamic DPF / FAP regeneration

About DPFC-500

DPFC-500 cleaning machine

Compact device for cleaning and regeneration of DPF and FAP filters

Effective cleaning of a blocked DPF by hydrodynamic method was once a time consuming and expensive process. Our machine for regeneration of particulate filters is a solution to this problem and, at the same time, is a great business opportunity for each workshop in the era of large imports of increasingly younger cars with high mileage.

filtr dpf intermotive solutions

Easy-to-use DPF washer

By using the DPF DPFC-500 washing machine, particulate filters can be regenerated and restored to their original state in a short time at a low cost – the device we provide includes detergents necessary to carry out the regeneration.

Our device requires only an external 230V pressure source and operation.

DPF regeneration

Hydrodynamic cleaning for extremely dirty DPF filters

Thanks to the use of a dedicated high-pressure water pump -included in the set, the DPFC-500 solution is able to perform additional rinsing with water. Nearly 100% DPF restoration to the factory condition is now possible.

DPFC-500 cleaning machine accessories

Universal appliance and TRUCK version

The device has been designed and equipped so that each DPF filter can be easily and safely be fitted for full regeneration.

DPFC-500 is a machine for the regeneration of DPF and FAP used in passenger cars and trucks, regardless of the EURO iV, EURO V and EURO VI standards.

DPFC-500 cleaning machine

Customise it to your needs

Automatic or manual operation mode and regulation of working pressure make the device highly functional. DPFC-500 is able to clean the filter by itself without constant supervision.


DPFC-500 cleaning machine

Our dedicated agent for cleaning DPF / FAP particulate filters
Regenerates, cleans from soot and ash

Our DPF regeneration agent was created together with workshops dealing with cleaning and hydrodynamic regeneration of particulate filters.

Our assumption was to create a soot and ash remover that would be:

  • effective
  • environmentally friendly (biodegradable)
  • non-invasive for the filter structure (alkaline chemistry)

Our cleaning liquid meets these three assumptions

This agent is dedicated to the initial cleaning of the DPF filter, after its earlier disassembly from the vehicle. After applying the fluid, flush the filter with compressed air and / or water using the DPFC-500 to remove loose soot and ash.

The device and cleaning agent are also available from our distributor network

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Inter Cars SA

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